Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Great Food Purge of 2014

Today was a day of purging the old and restocking with new! Have you ever taken the time to really go through your cabinets or pantries to see what all kinds of food you have in there, and how much of it you really shouldn't even be eating? Today, I did just that. Because tomorrow is the big day of jumping into the Paleo way of life, we cleaned out our cabinets and our refrigerator. Oh. My. Gosh. We got rid of EVERYTHING. I haven't seen my cabinets this bare since I was living on my own and hardly went grocery shopping! (Josh was having none of that when he first moved in) We cleared almost everything out. I wasn't too concerned about getting rid of everything until we came upon all of my baking goodies...aka, butter and all the sugar groups (white, brown, know, all the good stuff). Remember I told you in my first post...if it has at least one stick of butter in it, you know it's going to be great. I have three large bags full of food to take to my sister's house...she won't have to go grocery shopping for a while. (You're welcome Brooke). Most of the canned goods we are saving for the "Trick or Treating for Cans" on Halloween. So have no fear, we didn't just chuck everything into the trash can. We have good hearts. 

After we cleared everything out, it was time to tackle the butcher shop and the grocery stores. Since this is the Paleo diet, we got all kinds of meat. Bacon (of course), ground beef, pork chops, sirloin, chicken breast. So. Much. Meat. Then we went and got all sorts of veggies, fruits, healthy oils, nuts, and flours. Josh is very excited about getting started. I'm excited, but nervous for such a giant change. We have gotten quite a bit of support, and quite a bit of the "I could never do that.", the "I tried that, but it was too hard and gained back everything I lost." and the "You know you have to be committed to it, right?" We know it is going to be a challenge, but this is a challenge we are going to tackle together. It is going to be so much easier that we are doing this as a team. 

We went and had our last meal of crap food tonight and from here on out, it's clean eating for this couple! Wish us luck! I'll be sure to update with how our first week is going, and as always, I will post yummy new recipes! :)

No more junk!
Our cabinets are still pretty bare, since most of what we bought is fresh.

Filling the fridge.

Raspberries for $1? Yes please.

Full fridge!

                                                 Eat. Drink. Be Happy.


Fred said...

So what's for dessert? Bacon-Raspberry Pie?

Grace said...

You might have something going there! Ha! Yuck. I'm sure I'll find some much more appealing Paleo desserts. :)