Monday, September 1, 2014

A New Start

Hello world-I made a big decision tonight and naturally, I decided I should blog about it because I guess that's the thing to do now.'s my first attempt.

Whether you've stumbled across my blog through one way or another, or I forced this website upon you so I can feel better about myself, I guess you should know a little bit more about me. I know, I know, (should there be a comma there? Big debate in this household) that's what the "about me" section is for. Well guess what? I feel like talking about myself just a little bit more. Bare with me.

My name is Grace, Gracie, Gracula (as my husband so lovingly calls me), or whatever else you may want to call me. I'm like a puppy, speak to me in a sweet and energetic tone and I'll come running. I have a wonderful and adoring husband named Josh. We have been married almost one year...yay us! We have two furbabies, Penny Lane and Sable Jane. I am a Social Worker. I love to bake...if it has sugar and consists of at least one stick of butter, it has my undivided attention. Cooking is another thing. I typically leave that up to my husband, but I try! I like to pretend I'm good at painting. I also like to take pretty pictures that I never seem to have printed (I have almost 200 prints in my cart on Shutterfly that I have yet to order). Apparently I  also like to put things in parentheses if you haven't noticed. 

This blog is going to be a lot about a new food journey that Josh and I just decided to begin (I'll get to that in a minute) <----there are those parentheses again! As I find different recipes that I love, I will put them on here for you to love, too! It will also just be about anything in my life that I feel I should share with anyone who wants to read along.

Tonight Josh and I decided that we will be going *drum roll please*.... Paleo. We plan to begin next week. We are taking this week to get organized and do some more research. Now for those of you who do not know what the Paleo diet is, it can also be referred to as the "Cave Man Diet". It is basically meats and veggies. No grains, no breads, no processed foods, NO SUGAR *gasp!*. Now this is going to be a chore for us in the beginning. Especially me, the lover of all desserts, who just ate a bunch of mini Milky Ways. Josh and I, like so many people, have gone up and down with our weight like it's a roller-coaster ride. Last year before our wedding we both lost 20+ pounds, but quickly gained most, if not all of it back since we have been married. We decided we needed to make a change (cue Michael Jackson music) with our food habits. We are hoping this new life style will help us not only feel great, but also help us shed some of those unwanted pounds. 

I felt that if I started a blog about our journey, it might hold me more accountable because I can at least pretend I have THOUSANDS of readers who are counting on me to keep at it! 

I hope to encourage others who are also struggling with weight and healthy eating in some way, shape, or form. I'm new to this too, so let's start together. 

So come and follow along with me through my triumphs and my struggles of going Paleo, and just my day to day life. 

                                                                                                Eat. Drink. Be Happy.


Brookie said...

1. Yes, there should totally be a comma there. But I like commas. I still firmly believe in a list of three, there should always be a comma before the word "and". New rules of written word be damned.
2. Parentheses are nice, but ellipses really are the sluts of punctuation...
3. Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries.
4. Yay for blogging! I will start writing a short story so I can be your guest :) Maybe it will be about the empty leg diet (eating until your empty leg is full).

Brookie said...

PS I just had to prove I was not a robot to post that comment. Serious stuff.

Valerie said...

There will be no drinking. Unless it's water!!!!